Cute Burbank Archeology students search for an Ancient Jewelry Box.
They had no idea its Evil powers could turn them into...

A new Horror Movie from
Cranium Candy Entertainment!

Written & Directed by Kirk Bowman
Co-Producer Danilo Mancinelli
Executive Producer Paul Beeson

Heidi BruckerDanilo Mancinelli

Miranda Rae Danielle Kreinik

... Based on a true story!

"Blood Sucking Babes from Burbank" is the story of a cursed Jewel Box lost during DeAnza's expedition to the New World. In 2006... it is unearthed! When any girl opens the box, it turns her into a Blood Sucking Babe - a hungry cannibal out for blood. Can the Jewel Box be destroyed before it's too late? Get your DVD copy of "Blood Sucking Babes from Burbank" today.